Lichfield treasurer, John Fryer, was the top player with the black pieces in the Wolverhampton League last season. He won four matches, drew three and lost only one game. Overall he was the 12th most successful player in the league with both black and white. Three Lions 1, Lichfield CC 0 The euphoria surrounding England … Continue reading Snippets

An epic finish

With one match remaining, Lichfield's chances of retaining Staffordshire's Jackson Cup looked remote. Many lesser determined players than Mike Hoare would have resigned on the spot, particularly as time was running out. A Knight and King endgame, a draw was needed for a Lichfield win over Meir, but Mike was down three pawns to five, … Continue reading An epic finish

Child protection

Lichfield’s child protection policy has been enhanced by the formal appointment of secretary David Short as Safeguarding Officer. Brian Homewood is the deputy safeguarding officer and in the absence of both chairman Peter Collins will step in to deal with any incident that might arise. The club insists that juniors are accompanied by a parent … Continue reading Child protection

Another trophy

Lichfield won another Staffordshire County trophy with a 3-2  Jackson Cup win over Newcastle. Bernard Baptiste and Kevin Gallagher got the wins on boards three and five and Antony Allen on top board and David Fone chipped in with draws.