Grand(er) premises

For a couple of weeks, while the Guildhall lift was out of order, the club moved out of its usual venue in the Guild Room to the magnificent Guildhall above. Here's a view of the rather splendid temporary accommodation. The lift has now been repaired, so we're back downstairs again.

Let’s call it the Lichfield Cup

Announcing that Lichfield had again won the Pittaway Cup, county competition organiser Frank Wood said Lichfield had won the eight player per team trophy so many times it should be renamed the Lichfield Cup. Lichfield have won the trophy three times in the last six years and 15 times in the trophy’s history.

Child protection

Lichfield’s child protection policy has been enhanced by the formal appointment of secretary David Short as Safeguarding Officer. Brian Homewood is the deputy safeguarding officer and in the absence of both chairman Peter Collins will step in to deal with any incident that might arise. The club insists that juniors are accompanied by a parent … Continue reading Child protection

Simultaneous displays

The first of three summer chess sessions was the best attended in the three years since the summer chess experiment started. Nineteen members, including one newcomer, were present for two simultaneous displays. Ian Kingston took on 10 members, winning six, drawing two and losing two, whilst Mike Hoare conducted a revolving mini-simul against four weaker … Continue reading Simultaneous displays


Although Lichfield’s third team was demoted from Wolverhampton League Division 2, a readjustment of the League’s structure has resulted in reinstatement in Division 2.

Summer meetings

Whilst Lichfield Chess Club suspends its weekly meetings between May and end of August, there will be two extra club sessions on Thursday 28th June and Thursday, 27th July. The new season will open on Thursday, 31st August with the annual Quickplay Tournament.

The Great Escapes

It wasn’t the proverbial match of two halves for Lichfield. Instead it was an astonishing season of two halves. At Christmas no fewer than six teams were in serious danger of relegation, none more so than the club’s first teams, propping up  the top divisions of the Birmingham and Derby Leagues. Yet in the event, only … Continue reading The Great Escapes