Potential new members ar asked to initially contact the New Member Liaison Officer, David Short,Tel  01543 304212. or by email at davidmshort42@gmail.com

Newcomers can attend  four chess club sessions free of charge  before being asked to pay a subscription. There are two grades of membership – full member and social membership. The latter includes juniors under 18 and students still in full time education. The club meets in the Guildroom on the ground floor of the historic Guildhall  in Bore Street on Thursday evenings from end August to the first week in May and also on most Monday evenings throughout the year in upstairs rooms at the Brewhouse and Kitchen at the junction of Bird Street and The Friary.,

Full membership of £46 a year applies to members playing league chess,.For those wishing to just play friendly matches there is a Social Membership of £34 . All subscriptions include tea, coffee or soft drink. Those wishing to play chess in one of four Midlands leagues must apply individually to the English Chess Federation for Bronze Membership. This costs £18 for adults and £5 for juniors. Newcomers to league chess are allowed three matches before ECF membership becomes obligatory,

Social members and juniors are w entitled to play in club tournaments which include a Quickplay event which traditionally starts the new season, a Lightning 10 second per move tournament which ends it and the Club Championship which consists of six rounds split between two nights and time handicapped to give eaker players a genuine chance to cause upsets.

Subscriptions are decided at the annual general meeting in May  and are due for payment before the new season starts on the last Thursday in August. The season then continues every Thursday apart from a two week break at Christmas. It should be noted that attendees at the Brewhouse Monday night sessions are asked to buy a drink. This is in lieu of the Brewhouse charging room rental.