The club meets in the Guildhall, Bore Street (WS13 6LU).

The imposing historical Lichfield Guildhall is occasionally used by Lichfield Chess Club, but the more mundane Guildroom on the ground floor is the club’s usual headquarters. On most Monday evenings the club also meets at the Brewhouse and Kitchen at the juction of Bore St, Bird St and The Friary.

The city is well blessed with car parking, with no fewer than 21 parking areas. Parking is free after 6:30 p.m.

.The Guildhall is in a one-way traffic system entered from Tamworth Street, and although there is street parking in Bore Street itself this is restricted to disabled car users, even in the evening. There are occasional traffic warden checks and several visitors to the club have misread the signs and been caught out by parking there in the evening.

Most of the parking areas are within a few minutes’ walk of the Guildhall, but for visitors arriving from the west along the A461 Walsall Road as far as the Bowling Green island, the most convenient parking is continuing easterly towards the city centre along The Friary.

To reach the Guildhall from the car parks, turn left from the Friary car parks and proceed into Bore Street. The Guildhall is 100 yards along on the right. At the junction, on the left, is the Brewhouse and Kitchen where the club also meets on most Monday evenings throughout the year. The Friary car park is only a few yards away and 100 yards further west is an indoor car park, both free after 6-30pm.

Visitors arriving on the A517 from Rugeley in the north should turn left at the Bowling Green island for the two Friary car parks.

Visitors from the South, on the A38 and London Road, will arrive in the city centre area under a railway bridge with the main station just to the right in Birmingham Road. Proceed straight ahead at the lights into St John Street, before turning left at the pedestrian lights into The Friary. From Sutton Coldfield on the A5127 pass under the railway bridge, cross the small roundabout and turn right at the large Bowling Green island into The Friary.

Visitors from Derby and the east may choose to travel on the A38 as far as the second Lichfield junction at the London Road island or alternatively may leave the A38 at the first signpost to Lichfield and arrive near the centre along Birmingham Road. After passing Tesco on the right, turn right at the next traffic lights into Tamworth Street, where there are two car parks on the left. To reach the Guildhall, return to Tamworth Street and walk downhill to the junction with Bore Street.