News round-up

Lichfield’s fixtures, results and individual winners can be found here, followed by a club news round-up.


Tuesday, 4th Sept, Birmingham Div 3, Mercia, AWAY, Lost 4.5-1.5

Wed, 5th Sept, Pittaway Cup v Stourbridge AWAY. Lost 5-3 (two games defaulted by Lichfield) Winner B Homewood Wolverhampton Div 4, Stourbridge AWAY,. Lost 3.5-1.5

Thursday, 6th Sept, Birmingham 2, Mutual Circle, HOME,  Won 4; Winners C v d Westhuizen, P Willett, D Fone: Cannock Div 3, Lichfield A v Lichfield B, Lichfield 3A won 4-0. Winners J Moughtin-Leay, S Smithson, B Bradley, H Ayto

Tuesday, 11th Sept, W3 v Mercia, AWAY, 4 Boards. Drew 2-2.   Derby Div 2, Clay Cross v Lichfield, Draw 3.5 -0.5 Winner B Homewood

Thursday, 13th Sept, Derby Div 4, Lichfield A v Lichfield B,  HOME,   (match re-arranged): W2, Warley Quinborne, HOME, 6 Boards. Lost 4-2 Winner M Hoare

Mon, 17th Sept, Can Div 1, Sutton Coldfield AWAY, Lost 2.5 – 1.5 Winner B Homewood

Tuesday 18th, Cannock, Div 3, Norton Canes v Lichfield 3A, AWAY 4 . Lost 2.5- 1.5 Winner S Smithson.

Wed, 19th Sept, W2 Boldmere  AWAY, Won 4-2 Winners, B Homewood, Y Slobodyuk, C v d Westhuizen

Thursday, 20th,B2, Boldmere, HOME, Won 4-2 Winners D Hulme, M Maher: B5, Olton HOME, Won 3.5-2.5 Winners F.Biles, T Croghan: Derby Div 4, Lichfield C v Lichfield D Lichfield C won 4-0, Winners S Smitton, R Sawyer, S Smithson, J Moughtin-Leay.

Tuesday, 25th,B2 Halesowen, AWAY, Won 3.5-2.5. Winners D Hulme, Charles van der Westhuizen

Wed, 26th, B5 Solihull, AWAY, 6. Lost 4.5-1.5

Thursday, 27th, B2 Solihull, HOME, Won 4-2:  Winners P Willett, Y Slobodyuk.  Cannock 3A, Bloxwich, HOM, 2-2: Winner J Moughtin-Leay, S Smithson, Cannock 3B,  Licfield v Norton Canes, HOME,2-2 Winner F Biles.


Tuesday, 2nd Oct, Derby F v Lichfield C, won 3-1, Winners, S Andrews, R Sawyer, S Smitton

Thurs,Oct 4th, Derby Div 3, Lichfield v Derby B 4 Lost 3-1 Derby Div 4, Lichfield 4C v Amber Valley, Result 2-2  Winners R Sawyer. Fred Biles. W2 Lichfield v Mercia, Lost 5-1.

Monday, 8th Oct, Div 2, South Birmingham v Lichfield, Lost 4.5 – 1.5;  Div 5, Sutton Coldfield v Lichfield,  Won 4.5-1.5 Winners F Biles, A Hall, R Sawyer: Wed, 10th Oct, Derby Div 2, Belper D v Lichfield,  Result 2-2 Winners K Gallagher, R Sawyer

Thursday, 11th Oct, W1, Lichfield v Bushbury, Postponed W4, Halesowen, AWAY Postponed: Birmingham Div 3, Lichfield v Boldmere, Won 4-2 .Winners K Gallagher, M Page.

Tuesday, 15th, Derby Div 3, Derby D v Lichfield, AWAY, Won 3-1. Winners D Short, R Sawyer.

Wednesday 17th, Cannock Div 2, Boldmere v Lichfield AWAY, 4 Boards (postponed ?)

Thursday, 18th Oct, B2 Shirley and W, Home;  B5  Shirley and W Home, Lost 5-1. winner M Page.

Monday,22nd Oct,B3 S.Birmingham v Lichfield,  Away. Lost 4-2, Winner P Willett

Tuesday 23rd Oct,D2, Derby C v Lichfield Away Won 3-1, Winners, I Kingston, P Collins, D Hulme; D3 Clay Cross C v Lichfield D 2-2,Winners R Sawyer, F Biles

Thursday, 25th Oct, W4  Lichfield v Mercia, Home, 2-2, winners  F Biles, S Smithson; B1, Lichfield v Walsall Kipping, Lost 4-2-1 B3 Olton Home,Lost 3.5- 2.5;  D3, Lichfield C v Spondon B, HOME, Draw 2-2, Winner J Fryer.

Monday, 29th Oct W1 West Bromwich v Lichfield Won 4-2 Winners, I Kingston, P Collins, B Homewood;

Wednesday, 31st October, W2 Stourbridge, Away, Won 4-2,  Winners G Haime, M Hoare, Y Slobodyuk,P Willett.


Thursday, lst November, B2 S Birmingham, Home; C3A  Coleshill Home, 2-2, Winners P Dickinson, F Biles; Derby 4C Rolls Royce, Home lost 3-1. Winner Y Slobodyuk;  Derby 2, Burton, Home 2-2, B2 South Birmingham B Won 4-2, Winners M Staples, Leon Graff, J Fryer.

Monday, 5th November, B2, West Bromwich Away, lost 4.5- 1.5.

Wed, Nov 7th, Bushbury away, won 4-2 Winners M Staples, L Graff, J Fryer,

Thursday 8th November, W1, Stourbridge Home won 4-2  Winners G Haime, M Hoare; B5 Kynock, postponed; Derby 3, Belper Home, lost 3-1

Tuesday,13th November, W2 Brewood, Away Lost 3.5-2.5, Winners Y Slobodyuk, M Hoare; Derby 4C Amber Valley away Won 3-1, Winners B Homewood, J Fryer.

Thursday 15th, W4, Warley Quinborne ,Away, Won 2.5-1.5, Winners P Dickinson, B Jones. B1 Shirley, Home Lost 4-2. Can 2 Rugeley Home 2-2, Winners, D Fone, B Homewood; Derby 2, Long Eaton, Away Won 2.5-1.5, Winner L Graff; Derby 4D Rolls Royce, Away, Won 3-1. Winners Y Slobodyuk, D Short, R Sawyer.

Tuesday, 20th  November, W4, Birmingham, Away. Lost 3-1

Thursday, 22nd, W2, Halesowen, Away Won 3.5-2-5 Winners, Y Slobodyuk, D Fone; B1 Wolverhampton, Home Won 3.5-2.5, Winners,  Derby 4D, Derby F, Home.

Monday, 26th November, Kynock A Away Lost 5-1.

Tuesday, 27th November, Derby 3, Spondon, Away Won 4-0, Winners, D Hulme, Y Slobodyuk, K Gallagher, R Sawyer.

Wednesday, 28th November B1, South Birmingham, Away Lost 6-0

Thursday, 29th Nov, W1, Warley Q, Draw 3-3, Home, winners I Kingston and M Staples; B3 Rushall, Home, Won 4-2, Winners M Hoare, M Page.


Tuesday, 4th Dec, B1, Olton, Away; W4 v Halesowen away, Lost 2.5-1.5. Winner M Hoare.

Thursday, 6th December,B2 Sutton Coldfield Won  4.5-1.5, winners  G Lamb, P Willett; Derby 4C Clay Cross C, Home  Draw 2-2 ; Derby 4D,Amber Valley, Home.Lost 2.5- 1.5, Winner Y Slobodyuk.

Tuesday 11th Derby 4C, Derby E Away, Won 2.5-1.5, Winners J Fryer, R Sawyer;C3b away, Norton Canes, Won 2.5-1.5, Winners, S Andrews, F Biles.

Wednesday,  12th December,Derby 3 Belper C, Away Lost 2.5-1.5, Winner F Biles

Thursday, 13th December, B5 Boldmere, Home; Derby 2, Long Eaton, Home.

Monday 17th  December, Can 2, Rushall, Away.

Tuesday, 18th December, B3 Mutual circle, Away.

Wednesday, 19th Dec, Belper B Away.

One going up, one going down?

Lichfield’s first team, an almost permanent fixture in Birmingham’s Division One, are now in a relegation dog fight level with three other teams and two points clear of the bottom place. Lichfield have won just one of their five games.

Fortunately the  brilliant form of the second team in Birmingham Division two has continued, the latest result being a clear cut 4.4-1.5 win over Boldmere which established a four point lead over Shirley & Wythall and six points over South Birmingham. The position is flattering however because Shirley & Wythall have two matches in hand and Birmingham four matches.

Strong form of  a variety of players who have stepped in as reserves has been critical to the B team’s progress and the last match again produced wins on the bottom two boards.

Team captain Mike Maher’s role has been critical in ensuring that forward fixture planning plugged holes caused by known limited availability of certain players, himself included, in the latter part of the season.

The B team;s two remaining fixtures are against the bottom two clubs so there is a strong possibility that the team could secure promotion and either join, or replace, the first team in Division 1.



Visitors to Lichfield Chess Club are often curious about the prominently displayed Ladder Board. As far as we know it is the only one of its kind in any of the four Midlands Leagues.

How does it work? That is the usual question. Club members earn a point for every win they gain in a league or cup match and points are also available on the last Thursday of each month when full members and social members who are not selected for a league match on that night, together with social members, are paired together for a match played on the clock and the results recorded and circulated via email. No points can be gained for draws.

A handsome trophy goes to the winner which is presented at the annual meeting in April. Stephen Smithson is the early pacesetter with wins in his first two games.

Shock Horror – an Adjournment

Adjournments have become so rare that a request from Birmingham Division 5 team Olton for adjourned finishes on two boards came as a complete surprise and a frantic search to see if there were still adjournment envelopes in the storage cupboard.

Lichfield led 3-2  and inevitably it was one of the matches scheduled for adjournment that left the captain with the not very pleasant task of asking Brian Homewood to seek a draw to clinch the win when he thought he had good chances to record his fifth win in a row. The point was that the only date available to continue the game was on the night of  another B5 match. So thanks to the adjournment rule Lichfield faced the prospect of losing a key player and possibly a match. Fortunately a draw was agreed and the match won.

The Wolverhampton League has totally dispensed with adjournments. With only a handful of players now requesting adjournments surely the time has come to totally dispense with this archaic system of a deciding matches – one that just becomes a battle not between individuals but computers.

Two clubs to choose from

Anyone living to the west of Lichfield who would find travelling to the city difficult now has an alternative with a club established in Norton Canes. In a sense Norton Canes is a satellite club of its much larger neighbour, founded as it was by Lichfield stalwart Mike Hoare.

Norton Canes offers league chess opportunities in the Cannock League and members are free to compete in the three internal tournament run each season by the Lichfield Club.

Inquirers about Norton Canes should contact Mike Hoare on 01543 279989