Accused of being a traitor

Following the presidential election of the world chess organising body,FIDE, from which he emerged as a Vice President, Nigel Short has attacked the English Chess Federation for their reaction to his appointment.

Writing on Twitter, Nigel said it was interesting to read the current ECF newsletter which had managed to produce an account of the FIDE presidential election without mentioning that he had become vice president.

Whilst congratulations came from many of the delegates and a congratulatory email came from the president of football’s world governing body FIFA, the only response from an English person at the Congress was a social media post accusing him of being a traitor. Nigel had called off his own Presidency bid at the last minute and successfully backed the new Russian president instead of the only other candidate, a Greek who had served on FIDE during a time when it had had its bank account frozen.

The traitor post was taken down after the writer had been challenged. Nigel has 8000 Twitter followers and a vast number of them have responded with their support.

The evil empire has ended

Commenting in his Twitter column, Nigel said the FIDE Presidential election result  had been a great day for chess. The evil empire had ended but much work is to be done.

In a pre-election Twitter, Nigel had said that FIDE did not use internationally accepted accounting standards. He asked, “is that because FIDE has never heard of them or because it suits some other purpose. Why for example is there no cash flow statement.”

In another Twitter blast at the former FIDE regime, Nigel said that a FIDE financial statement had stated there had been no events or transaction  of note since December.

“Does having your bank shut down not rate a mention” he asked.