Short aims for FIDE presidency

Nigel Short, son of Lichfield secretary, David Short, has set his sights on becoming the next FIDE president in the October election.

Short’s nomination was approved by the English Chess Federation at its recent meeting.He is campaigning on a reform ticket and has just completed a tour of eight African countries to expand on his lifelong vision to end the corruption which has dogged world chess organisation for many years.

He will have two opponents in the election, a Greek who has been a prominent FIDE Board member for around 40 years, and the Russian who has just masterminded organisation football’s World Cup. No fewer than 189 countries will have a vote.

Playing in tournaments has recently taken a back seat recently as Nigel has stepped up his election campaign. Next week he will be in the UK where six votes are at stake, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey.

Born in 1963, Nigel has played in international tournaments for 47 years and he is still a regular winner. The high watermark of his career came in the early 1990’s when he reached No 3 in the world, defeated one chess legend, Anatoly Karpov, on his way to the world championship final, only to lose to another, Gary Kasparov, in the London final.

Nigel has played chess in well over 100 countries and in addition he is a noted and often amusing chess journalist. He has been addicted to chess since his very first game at the age of five. Father David formed a chess club to give him early experience and within a few years that club, Atherton in Lancashire, had become one of the strongest clubs in the country.

Married to a Greek and with two adult children, Nigel has lived in Athens for nearly 30 years.



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