Lichfield treasurer, John Fryer, was the top player with the black pieces in the Wolverhampton League last season. He won four matches, drew three and lost only one game.

Overall he was the 12th most successful player in the league with both black and white.

Three Lions 1, Lichfield CC 0

The euphoria surrounding England football team’s surprisingly good start to the World Cup has caused the postponement of the second of the club’s summer meetings to be postponed from Thursday, 28th June to Thursday, 5th July.

It will feature a novel way of learning from end game positions. Pairs of players will play out the positions alternating with black and white. The evening has been designed by club chairman Peter Collins and it is expected that the evening will be as equally successful as the May meeting.

The final summer meeting will take place on Thursday, 26th July and the 2018-19 season will start on Thursday, 30th August.

Anyone interested in joining the club for the new season should ring secretary David Short on 01543 304212.

Four New Clubs

The number of chess team in the Midlands has been gradually falling in recent years as youngsters devote their attention to video games. Encouraging therefore that four new clubs have sprung up in the last two years and have taken their place in local leagues, Coleshill, Norton Canes, Ward End Social Club located in east Birmingham, and Bloxwich, a junior team run by Ray Dolan.

Personal experience is that one does not need money to start a new club-just some publicity in a local newspaper and  an invitation to would-be players to bring their own chess sets and boards. These days it is still possible to find a pub which will accommodate a chess club free of charge, hoping to benefit from increased bar trade.

The Atherton Club in Greater Manchester which I formed in the late 50’s, is a very good example of this start-up method. Within four years Atherton was one of the top four clubs in the country.

Top Technology at a Price

Players in the Staffordshire County Cup finals were amazed at the equipment brought along by ECF arbiter Matthew Carr. Ten chess sets with boards costing £500 each. Wow!

The Staunton pieces had metal bases and the electronic boards could record every move.

Matthew, incidentally has accepted an invitation to control Lichfield’s  annual  club Quick-play tournament which kicks off the 2018-19 season on Thursday, 30th August.