A shock for treasurer

It is usually with a little trepidation that club treasurers propose an increase in subscriptions at an annual general meeting

That was the case when John Fryer presented his annual treasurer’s report to Lichfield Chess Club members,  showing a loss of 200 pounds on the year and proposing an increase of three pounds.

To his surprise there was a motion from the floor to increase the subscriptions by six pounds and it was carried by 11 votes to six.

The new subscription is 60 pounds, five of which goes to the club and one pound to absorb an increase in the English Chess Federation charge for bronze membership, which all players need to compete in the local chess leagues.

Bronze membership is now 18 pounds but newcomers can play three competitive games before membership becomes mandatory. For members wishing to just play social chess-and this is usually the first option of newcomers to the club- the annual subscription is 25 pounds. This is also the charge for juniors and student members, but should they wish to play competitively they will need to pay for ECF bronze membership after three games.

Club secretary David Short said anticipated membership for the new season would be between 45 and 50, a healthy figure, and the increased subscriptions should enable the club to invest in more digital clocks.

 An epic finish

With one match still to finish, Lichfield’s chances of retaining Staffordshire’s Jackson Cup were remote. Mike Hoare’s position, needing a draw to retain the trophy, looked resignable.