Iron Curtain insight

Lichfield members got an unexpected insight into the famous Bobby Fischer- Boris Spassky match when former player Brian Denny gave a talk on Fischer’s life at the last of the club’s three summer sessions.

Anyone old enough to remember the 1970’s match will recall that it caused huge interest worldwide and while Fisher’s victory was hailed in the West it was regarded as a disaster behind the Iron Curtain.

Lichfield member Yuriy Slobodyuk who came to England from the Ukraine said Spassky’s defeated caused dismay and everyone was going round with a glum face.

The match caused an explosion of interest in chess in many countries including the UK and the effects of that lasted into the 90’s. It also inspired a seven years old Lancashire boy, Nigel Short, son of the Lichfield secretary, to devote long hours to chess study which led to a world title match with Gary Kasparov in 1993.




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