Under 11 Supremo

Lichfield Club’s leading junior John Moughtin Leay has won the Staffordshire Under 11 Mega Final with a score of 5.5 out of six.

Next challenge for John is the Mega Final in Manchester. John’s mother Jenny says that John’s ability has been improved by the experience he has gained at Lichfield and the support he has received from members.

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Lichfield’s child protection policy was enhanced at the annual general meeting by the appointment of secretary David Short as Safeguarding Officer. Brian Homewood was appointed deputy safeguarding officer and in the absence of officials, the club chairman, Peter Collins will step in to deal with any concerns or incidents.

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Announcing that Lichfield had won the Pittaway Cup, Staffordshire county’s retiring competition organiser Frank Wood said Lichfield had won the eight player per team trophy so many times it should be renamed the Lichfield Cup.

It was Lichfield’s third victory in five years and the 10th win in the last 15 years.










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